Saturday, April 14, 2012

Friday the 13th with Real Time

The Chris Crisco joke is funny at least:-

Tavis Smiley first up ... Bill must be scraping for interview guests. After starting the show with what can only be described as a racist joke, Bill sits down with Stymie from Our Gang Tavis Smiley, who's so upset that President Obama hasn't invited him to the White House that he hates the man, to discuss the Trayvon Martin case. Bill thinks liberals should "stand their ground" on gun law, specifically this particular law which allowed George Zimmermann to declare that he shot Trayvon Martin in what he presumed was self-defence, because he felt threatened.

Look, I want gun laws tightened as much as the next person from the Left side of the political spectrum; and I studied US government from the very same textbook that Bill did ... so why doesn't he realise that this joke of a law in Florida is just that - a state law and not a Federal one. In fact, all gun laws are administered by the states, which is why it's easier to get a gun in Virginia than it is in New York.

Jeesh, pay attention!

Oh, and Tavis has to get in a dig about gun laws against Barack Obama ... because it's all Obama's fault, don't you know?

Uh-oh, Matthew Puketard Continetti. The son-in-law also rises ... Matthew's father-in-law is none other than Bill MegaPuketard Kristol. I detest Bill "I-always-get-it-wrong" Kristol, who happens to be yet another conservative friend of Bill's, but I reserve a special hatred for Continetti. His "myamyamyamyamya" whingey little voice reminds me of the tattletale kid on the school playground who always ended up getting beaten up by girls.

I'll bet Matthew's into bondage.

And how did I ever hate David Stockman thirty years ago when he was Reagan's budget director? Ah well, I was young, foolish and in love with a Brit, and still inclined to listen to my father's philosophy that the only good Republican was a dead Republican.

David's line about the Republican party not realising that the 19th Century ended well over a century ago is sheer classic ... and the truth.

Kim Campbell, Canadian, gets it. Why is it that English-speaking foreigners always get us better than we get ourselves? And look at her body language ... I distinctly get the impression that she hates Continetti. He's spewing bullshit. The Republicans won the women's vote in 2010 because most of the women who voted were elderly white women afraid of black men, in general, much less in the White House.

Campbell scores it in re-wording what Hilary Rosen meant. Ann Romney had a choice, and chose to stay home and raise her children. Most ordinary women in the world these days don't have that choice. They have to work, and it's the Republican policies, embodied in Paul Ryan's budget as well as the rhetoric about defunding Planned Parenthood and personhood legislation that shows a total disregard for the majority of women in America, who don't have the kind of choice Ann Romney had.

The clincher here is Arizona declaring that life begins the minute a woman's last period ends. (I know. Go figure). David Stockman, who's been around the block a bit, reminds everyone that Barry Goldwater, Arizona's patron political saint, was pro-choice, which only prompts that little tosswank, Continetti (whose balls seemed to have dropped since his marriage) to start wittering on about only when the Republican party adopted a rigid pro-Life stance did they start to win elections. Kudos to Stockman for handing that little prick his ass in reminding him that the Republican party had been taken over by assholes.

Matthew Continetti ... a walking advertisement for being drowned at birth.

Final word to David Stockman: the Ryan Budget is the Last Will and Testament of the Republican Party if it continues down this perilous slope. Somehow, Toto, I don't think David Stockman is a Republican anymore.

Mitt Romney: The Least Interesting Man in the World ... I would also nominate Matthew Continetti as the Most Annoying Little Asswipe in the World.

Eric Klininberg is the fourth guest. Wow, something I'd never realised - 25% of households in the US are people living alone. Whoda thunk that?

Bill gets excited by Klininberg's book, which extols the joys of living alone. However, here's an oxymoron: Both men agree that more people live alone now, because of affluence ... we don't have to huddle together in masses anymore. But wait ... I thought the middle classes were on an economic decline ... Is Bill showing his privilege classism somewhat?

Now, the real Obama-bashing starts because of fucking weed. Would someone please tell the New York City-based Professor Eric Klininberg that the Democratic party BASE is NOT the Left Coast and Northeastern urban cosmopolitan Progressive patronisers but the people across the nation who get their asses out first thing on an election morning and vote for the Democratic candidate. If you don't vote for the President because a pot college got raided, you need to grow a pair and grow up.

And would someone PLEASE tell Bill Maher to stop, stop, STOP referring to the President by his last name only. That is disrespectful and may be construed, by Bill's previous record of remarks, as being racist.

And the very end of this discourse (continued in the next clip) is blatantly and unremittingly patronising toward the President.

Please stop the insulting comparison of this President with Franklin Roosevelt. And for the record, the President was never as weak as Bill and his cronies preached into misguided belief. That was their own fantasy. It fit into the collective narrative, passed down through the years and adopted by Progressives, yet unrecognised by them as a form of subtle racism, that the black man is "weak" and, therefore, needs to be guided by the strong hand of a white role model.

Barack, meet Franklin. Franklin ended Prohibition. Learn from his example and legalise pot.

Oh, and Bill. grudgingly, admits that "maybe" the economy was something the President got right. How white of Bill.

I'm going off Stockman again ... the fact that he isn't taking the blame for his part in economic Armageddon. And Matthew Continetti ... The reason Matthew's disciples are opting for Romney is because he's white. We know that.

The first part of this annoys me. Stockman was at the forefront of this problem as it fomented 30 years ago. Now he reckons we're as bad as Greece, Spain or Italy? I don't think so. What's more annoying is the affluent, Left Coast audience, applauding Stockman's suggestion that affluent retirees not take their full entitlement of Social Security or Medicare.

Tavis compares Al Sharpton to Glenn Beck. Tavis is dissing and pissing on Rev Al. He's jealous MSNBC didn't give him Sharpton's gig.


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