Monday, April 2, 2012

Once a Man Twice a Child: We're Either Just Immature or into Senility

The husband and I agree on very little, but we agree on this: It seems like every television program/motion picture now is some sort of fantasy shit based on fairy tales or silly adolescent vampire nonsense.

Bad enough that ABC's Once Upon a Time is debuting here in the UK - and the only positive thing about that is that it gives the divine Robert Carlyle, who is Scottish and does a wonderful American accent as opposed to the mangling stereotype Damian Lewis employs in Homeland, an introduction to American audiences ... but I'm also confronted with this "blockbuster" about to be foisted on the unassuming public this summer ... Snow White and the Huntsman:-

God damn, as my late father would say, no damned wonder we get the politicians and the pundits we deserve if they have to serve overgrown children with an insatiable desire for fairy tale bedtime stories and instant gratification.

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