Saturday, April 14, 2012

Two Wealthy, Privileged Men - an Uncle Tom and a Racist - Pee on the President's Accomplishments

Tavis Smiley, who infamously made a poverty tour with Cornel West in a designer bus ... Tavis Smiley, sitting there in a made-to-order silk suit ... Tavis Smiley, who still hasn't forgiven the President for snubbing his show and not inviting him to the White House ... sits down to talk about gun laws and poverty with Bill Maher.

That's Bill Maher, who started his monologue with a racist joke. Bill Maher, who - when he voted for Barack Obama - thought he was voting for a real black man.

First, the fact that the Democrats haven't taken a stronger and more vocal stance on gun control legislation is - yep, you got it - the President's fault. The President is to blame, according to Tavis, for Gabrielle Giffords being shot, Trayvon Martin being killed, and for every black man shot and killed on the Southside of Chicago.

Guess that feeds into a popular Rightwing meme of Obama being an assassin, huh? Some on the Progressive Left would believe that as well.

Tavis and Bill, both, don't seem to realise that gun laws are state, and not Federal, laws. That's why it's easier to buy a gun in Virginia than it is in New York.

Next up, Tavis even takes a swipe at the plantation massa former President Bill Clinton, his idol, whom he says should never have signed the Clinton welfare reform bill. Ne'mind the fact that Clinton was governing then, effectively, as a minority President, with Republicans holding both the House and the Senate.

But then, Clinton knew how to corral those mustangs, didn't he, Tavis?

And, finally, Tavis subtly gives his dagger of hatred toward the President a final thrust in insinuating that he hopes the Supreme Court does find the Affordable Care Act unconstitutional ... because, you know, it would just give everyone a chance to sit down and rewrite the thing to do more, like - you know - single-payer, a second time around.

And pigs might fly in the sky too, Tavis ... because there's no guarantee the Democrats will retain the Senate or regain the House, and if they don't healthcare reform would come in the shape of Paul Ryan's budget effectively ending Medicaid and Medicare. And if Willard enters the White House too, all and any hope of healthcare reform is toast, and the peasants are fucked.

But Tavis and Bill won't be.

Let me be politically incorrect here, Tavis ... the only colour that matters in the United States of America isn't black, white or brown, it's green, the colour of money; and you're all right in that respect, aren't you?

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