Saturday, April 21, 2012

Real Time on 4.20 (or Hitler's Birthday)

Good pot joke about the Senate. Thought he was amazingly condescending to the lady farmer. Plus, I'm glad she blanked out the racist joke he made.

Panel I

The awful Canadian Chrysta Freeland ... a mutant lovechild of Sarah Jessica Parker and Jennifer Aniston with razorblades for vocal chords.

Panel II with Ross Douthit. It gets worse.

Panel III: Don't ever try to argue economics with hardcore Republicans.

Good New Rule about Newt the Pussy Hound.


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  1. Why does Bill keep inviting right wing hacks to his show? Who was the last president that was a professor(Bill Clinton)? There is nothing odd about this President on paper. He graduated from Ivy League schools. He was a senator. What is so odd about an ambitious young man starting his political career in a large city?


    There is something odd about this president. He has a trait that presidents before him didn't share. Unfortunately, none of the people on Bill's panel can talk about what's really going on.