Wednesday, April 25, 2012

We the People

If you're seriously thinking about voting for Romney, or voting Third Party or not even voting (both of which are tantamount to voting for Romney), you seriously need to listen to The Boss.

Emphasis on the "we." We the people. We take care of our own. Yes, we can.

This is what the Democratic Party is all about - looking out for our own, making the 99% more relevant and stronger, standing up to the 1% who will dominate this country, economically, sociologically and, certainly, religiously.

We can rise from the ashes. We can do it again. We built this country - white, black, brown, yellow, of every nationality and every hue. E Pluribus Unum ... Out of many, one. One as a whole. One, meaning many, meaning we.

The Democrats are we.  Everyone else is after the singular ego.

We look after our own, and yes, we can will achieve et in Arcadia ego ... Not Mitt Romney.

Look at the faces of those people in the video. Those faces mean nothing to Willard.

We look after our own, even if they hate us doing so. That's why we're Democrats. (Or, at least, it should be why we are.)

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