Thursday, April 5, 2012

Want to See a Real Example of Someone with More Money than Common Sense?

Watch millionaire KochWhore Republican Senator Ron Johnson, he who gamed Russ Feingold out of a job. This is from Diarrhea Joe Morning Joe from the beginning of this week:-

Not only does Johnson do nothing but shout talking points and rudely refer to the ACA as "Obamacare," he talks over Zeke Emanuel, who hands him his ass on what he knows about how the healthcare reform will work and backs his comments with figures, whilst subtly calling Johnson a liar; he's also incredibly rude to Mika. She has to remind him that she's part of the discussion and wants to see his little mock-up chart too. I just loved her patronising "Thank you," which showed how incredibly chauvinistic this asshole is.

When Americans go to the polls and give detritus like this unearned power, you really do get the government you deserve.

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