Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Why Our Political Journalism Sucks ... Again

And again it's because of Sorority Valley Girls being allowed to think that they are relative to political commentary.

Watch the following panel, inarticulately moderated by Alex "Gag-me-with-a-Spoon" Wagner, who is clearly a less articulate version of Moon Unit Zappa. Whilst watching this, please remember that she was on the Morning Joe panel this morning, interviewing the Reverend Franklin Graham ...

The moment of fluster comes at the two-minute mark:-

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First of all, this woman needs to learn how to get her tongue to work in tandem with her brain. It might make for more accurate pronunciation and articulace. Secondly, in the course of a morning, she had clearly forgotten the name of the high-profiled, nationally known clergyman whose company she shared on another program, hence, successfully managing to morph Franklin Graham and Jeremiah Wright into one entity: Franklin Wright.

She didn't even realise it, and if she did, she couldn't even be bothered to correct it.

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