Monday, February 27, 2012

Virginia Democrats, Don't Laugh ... SHOUT!

Lord, Lord ... the more I see of what's going on in Virginia, the more I think I'm going to have to come home, swallow my pride, sell some land and run for public office. Why?

I'll tell you why ... Because the Virginia House of Delegates is debating the latest "Let's Be Able to Buy More Guns" Bill, and Delegate Scott Surovell of Fairfax, a Democrat, rose to speak. Delegate Surovell is, unusually for someone from Fairfax County, a real Virginian. (Most people who live in that part of NoVa are government workers from out-of-state or aliens from another universe, like the Cheneys). But, no, Delegate Surovell opens his mouth and speaks with the accent and cadence of the Blue Ridge, and he's a gentleman too. Just watch:-

Damn it, I feel a Southern moment coming on ... The Republicans might be shouting out, "Shoot him" and treating it like a joke - as in, "who doesn't want to shoot a politician coming around campaigning?" But the House is discussing potential legislation that would allow people to buy more than one gun a month - the law currently limits purchase of one gun only monthly in Virginia, but that's a law that's almost as batty - and somehow, it just doesn't seem mete or seemly or even good common sense to make a joke about shooting anyone when your debating gun legislation.

So why is Scott Surovell laughing like a nervous pledge at a bad joke during Rush Week Pi Kappa Alpha House?

This should have been and could have been Scott Surovell's defining moment. He could have summoned all the moral integrity the Democratic Party has regarding responsible gun legislation and handed the Republican hecklers their collective red asses for making light of such a situation.

But he didn't.

This isn't a fraternity house, it's the Virginia House of Delegates, and it's abundantly clear that no one on the opposite aisle will either take Scott Surovell seriously or even consider his remarks as such ... because he laughed at their pissant joke heckling.

A woman would have done differently.

I need to contact British Airways ...

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