Saturday, February 11, 2012

Lil'Bob McDonnell: What You Get When You Don't Vote

I live in the UK. For my sins, thirty years ago, I married a Brit. I'm still American, however, and I've voted in every state, midterm and national election since my 18th birthday, even living over here. It has its advantages - once I even stood behind Linda McCartney in a queue waiting to have our absentee ballots validated at the US Embassy in London. We spent about ten minutes rubbishing British men - honest. It's nice to know American wives have the same difficulties with British husbands.

Anyway, back in 2009, I decided to make a special trip back to the US - my second in a year, because I'd visited my family only that previous spring. This time, however, I was coming for a purpose. I was going to get in the car, drive down the road and vote for Creagh Deeds, the Democratic candidate for Governor of Virginia. That's right. I flew 7,000 miles and drove an additional twelve to cast my ballot for the man who lost the election ...

To a Carpetbagging, fundamentalist Catholic conservative product of Liberty University who thinks women should be barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen, amongst other things. And don't get me started on his sidekick, the Jersey Shore reject, Ken Cuccinelli, the Attorney General.

Together, these two Yankees who pander to the uneducated neo-Confederates in the Commonwealth, have made my great state a laughing-stock ... Why?

All because the turnout in that election was low, and everyone knows that when electoral turnouts are low, the GOP win. Cuccinelli's Jersey bro, Chris Christie, you'll recall, won New Jersey that same year.

Anyway, one of the first things Lil'Bob did was issue an executive order, overturning former governor Tim Kaine's executive order which stated that people could not be discriminated against in jobs on the basis of their sexuality. Not anymore. Lil'Bob's got a war on the gays.

Not only that, but since 2011, when the Republicans also took the State Senate and House of Delegates, we've been subjected to innumerable pieces of Luddite legislation from restricting a woman's right to choose right down to restricting voting rights.

I came home to vote for a losing candidate. I travelled over 7000 miles, and some dumbasses who couldn't even be bothered to get up off their recliners and get to the polling stations let these less-than-neanderthals take over the Statehouse of MY Commonwealth. Yes, mine ... ten generations pushing up daisies in Virginia soil makes it mine.

And if all y'all continue to sit on those asses, we'll not only get Lil'Bob in Washington presiding over the Senate, we'll get the racist Macaca Allen back in Washington as well.

What more can I say about keeping Virginia blue? If all y'all don't give a rat's ass about what people say about the Commonwealth of Virginia, I do. I live in Kent, where Pocahontas and Nancy Astor are buried. Right now, considering the trailer trash controlling things in Richmond, I imagine they're turning in their graves.

Take it away, Reverend Al ...

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