Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bill Maher Lectures Republicans on Disrespecting the President (But Hopes You Won't Remember When He Did the Same)

All well and good, Bill, but this doesn't get you off the hook. Too many people remember this:-

And this:-

And this:-

You see, Bill, all of that not only smacks of disrespect, it also smacks of the racism of which you, rightly, accuse Republicans. Like you, Bill, I'm an escapee from the Catholic Church who ran into the arms of atheism, but I still remember enough about what Jesus said to remind you that before you take the mote from your brother's eye, you have to remove the beam from yours. Too many on the so-called Progressive Left often practice a pernicious form of subtly patronising racism. Oddly enough, most of the practicants seem to come from the ueber Liberal Left Coast. Is there a connection, I wonder?

You are right to call Republicans out on their blatant disrespect of President Obama, and you are right to reckon that this disrespect has its roots deep in racism. But when no less than Ta-Nehisi Coates recognises your racism, and Adam Serwer not only recognises your racism but links your attitude directly to that of Rush Limbaugh, I'd say it was time you addressed your own disrespect and racial issues.

Here's a hint: You can start by referring to the President by his title and not by his surname. That's not comedy; that's disrespectful.

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  1. Great post! While I appreciated Maher's commentary, during it I kept thinking "so when are you going to acknowledge your disrespect?"