Monday, February 27, 2012

Race to the Bottom-Feeders

The five-minute mark, please:-

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Senator Santorum thinks the President is a snob for wanting everyone in education to aspire to his or her highest ability in training or education. Senator Santorum wants to create jobs and thinks there are millions of good Americans who don't need all that "government-controlled" education or, indeed, liberal indoctrination that goes hand-in-hand with a university education; they just need to work.

Senator Santorum wants us to revert in time where we either home-schooled our children or where a community banded together and built a small school, with one of its own volunteering to teach the local children.

I'm sorry, but "Little House on the Prairie" isn't applicable to the 21st Century, and not just because Michael Landon is dead. Santorum is articulating an evil secret policy of the Republican Party, who really would like to see an end to publically-funded education for all children, resulting in an undereducated or uneducated peasant class willing to work for next to nothing at sweatshoo labour for hours on end without benefit of the evil unions. Then all the jobs outsourced to countries where drone workers are paid peanuts to produce cheap goods will come back to the United States, and the GOP could brag that it returned those jobs to their rightful habitat.

Next on the agenda is the abolition of the minimum wage, reinstatement of slavery and enforced religion. And that's just the start.

Don't forget - Ron Paul stated that education was not a right.

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