Sunday, February 19, 2012

Virginia's Shame

Lord, lord ... when I was growing up in Virginia, we had a saying: Don't trust anybody but God, your mamma and the Democratic party.

I can't speak for God, but I listened to my mamma, and I'm still a part of the Democratic party. If anything could shame a Virginian to the soles of the shoes he wore, it had to be a verbal dressing-down from his mamma.

Well, all you Virginian mammas and future mammas and just women in general need to shame that Carpetbagging poor excuse for a governor who's somehow wormed his way to Richmond, and we also need to shame those Republicans who control both houses of the legislature too.

There's a war on women going on in the Republican party, and it's being fought full frontal in Virginia as well. What's worse, are the Republicans who just happen to be women, who are supporting these draconian measures. Yes, I'm looking at YOU, Jill Holzman Vogel. For your sins, I think you should know what feels like to have a vaginal probe inserted in your "personhood."

I'll let a Virginia woman with a higher profile take your sorry asses down. I share her shame for the Commonwealth.

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