Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Two White Privilegist Faux Liberals Stroke Each Other's Egos

Take a look at the two men in the above clip. Both purport to be Liberals. The one on the left voted for George W Bush twice, had an on screen orgasm when Dubya declared "Mission Accomplished," and salivated over the President's flight suit and codpiece, exclaiming, "Everybody loves a hero President." He voted for Michael Steel when Steel ran for the Senate from Maryland. Even though the current President once sent a tingle up his leg, he sometimes "forgets" that the President is black.

More recently, he's described the President as "arrogant," "elitist" and, in an interview with Alex Witt, remarked that neither the President nor Mrs Obama were "grateful" to be living in the White House. Hark now, hear the whistles blowing ... Them dogs be barkin', as we say in Virginia.

The gentleman on the right of your screen voted for Bob Dole in 1996; he voted for Ralph Nader in 2000, telling the world that Bush and Gore were the same. He then went on to vote for Arnold Schwartzenegger for Governor of California. He pals around, not only with Ann Coulter, but also with Darrell Issa.

More recently, he's referred to the President as "President Sanford and Son." He's remarked on air that when he voted for the President, he thought he was voting for a "real black man." He's also said that the President was wimpy and wussy and that he "caves" on demand to the Republicans. As late as September 2011, he was subtly implying that people shouldn't vote. He never refers to this President by his title, always and only by his surname.

But now, the man on the left of your screen is frantically walking back all the pejorative remarks and criticisms of this President, and the man on the right has contributed one million dollars to the President's super PAC.

And now they're both pontificating on the precarious position in which the President may find himself during this election campaign and, indeed, on Election Day, without acknowledging the part they played in so undermining the man and his policies that their erstwhile followers - those who believe them truly representative of the Liberal/Progressive mindset - came to doubt the President's abilities also.

It might be mete to remember that, quite often, people are judged by the company they keep. The guy on the left used to sit in sometimes for Rush Limbaugh in a different time, and the one on the right parties down with Ann Coulter and Arianna Huffington.

Their own credibility ratings might soar if they would just man up (something they've both, on occasion, implored the President to do) and admit that their constant and fallacious assessments of this man over the past four years were incorrect. A lot could be mended with a three-word statement: I was wrong.

But then, when your ego is bigger than the brain inside your head, and you're governed by that ego, the damage has been done. Live with that.

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  1. I've never trusted either, Emilia, because they have always seemed more like weather vanes to me than staunch liberals. In my mind, they are in the same category as Greenwald, Hamsher, Cenk, Markos, and the other wishy washy "faux liberals." I haven't lived successfully into my late fifties by being hoodwinked by these types, and I'm not about to start now by listening to anything they have to say because they all have one thing in common: a desire to make even more money than they already have.