Sunday, February 5, 2012

Not Quite Getting There about Ron Paul

Well, Romney's taken Nevada, and Ron Paul's still standing. The reason he's still standing, largely, is due to the short-term memory on the part of the media.

Most recently, Ron Paul played the part of the smiling, shucksy, old-fashioned country doctor for expatriot Brit and former newspaper editor, Piers Morgan. Here's the interview:-

Full Ron Paul Interview On Piers Morgan 02/03/12 by SaveOurSovereignty

Morgan raises some good questions about Paul's policies and beliefs, but the interview is pure softball in nature, and Paul's unchallenged responses ranged from the downhom-ish in their nature to the totally bizarre.

Paul's foreign policy is simple: Don't get involved. He just about approves of our involvement in World War II, but not World War I; and everything after 1945 is just illegal. He waffled rather incoherently about pre-emptively acting against another country whom you knew to be planning a military strike against the United States.

His exasperated response to Morgan's persistent hypothetical questioning about Iran's threats against Israel was to bully back a sullen demand to know why the British didn't intervene in Israel's problems - let some British boys give their lives, or something to that extent.

The healthcare question was another waffle. Of course, we all know what Paul's views on healthcare are - if you can't afford private health insurance, find a kind neighbour or depend on the charity of churches. In other words, die. And the final discussion about Paul's anti-abortion views eventually disclosed that, yes, Paul believes that life begins at conception.

This week, on Real Time with Bill Maher's Overtime segment, the question of Ron Paul arose again. You can watch the discussion here:-

As part of his damage limitation exercise, in which he's trying to undo all the undermining of the President he's fronted for the past four years, Bill Maher is now one of a number of so-called Progressives and members of the Professional Left, who are trying to convince us that - hey, all those racist comments, all that talk about Obama having no spine, folks, they were just jokes - nudge nudge wink wink - hey, funny, huh?


So, even though a week doesn't go by when Bill doesn't get a mention in about Ron Paul, he's now trying to say (as are a lot of others), that, although Ron Paul has a lot of ideas with which Progressives can agree (like legalised pot, dismantling the Federal Reserve and bringing the troops home), there are just a few with which they don't agree - the bad ones, like ... oh, you know, healthcare and the gold standard.

This is like whistling and looking the other way. Specifically, it's like whistling anything but Dixie and looking away. Because no one, no one in the media, and especially not the Professional Left, are raising the one thing that should mightily offend them about Ron Paul, so much so that it should totally negate any other so-called "good" idea he might have with which the Left, under normal circumstances, could concur:

Ron Paul is a racist.

If you seriously still do not believe that, you can read about it here, here, and here.

In point of fact, before he thought World War I was illegal, he thought that the Civil War was a big mistake too, and that Abraham Lincoln totally disrespected the Constitution when it came to States' Rights and property rights - right on down to Lyndon Johnson disrespecting the Constitution some more when he signed the Civil Rights Act, which Ron Paul opposes.

Everyone in the media avoids questioning Paul about this. Everyone. And now, his former admirers, who are distancing themselves, are avoiding distancing themselves because of the one thing that should offend them to the hilt of their Progressivism; but they simply do not say that Ron Paul's history of racism and his ability to attract the flotsam and jetsam from the white supremacist tranche of lowlifery offend the core of their beliefs.

And that's the worst sort of hypocrisy. It denies them the right, in my opinion, not only to regard themselves as Progressives, but also to speak for the vast majority of Progressives who find Ron Paul and his candidacy offensive in every aspect.

Bill Humphrey, in his blog entitled "Memo to White Liberals Who Support Ron Paul" actually has a very astute message for those misguided and misbegotten souls who count themselves both Paulbots and Progressives:-

Pretty much sums it up. Until these self-appointed spokespersons in the public eye openly acknowldege why they really do reject Ron Paul's candidacy, they have no right to bill themselves as members of the Professional Left.


  1. Its rather comical to see the back peddling of the likes of Bill Maher now. I'm just waiting for the perriod they claim in the distant future they were the sole supporters of Barack Obama and hopes no one goes back to the video tape to see it not so.

    1. That's going to be difficult with how the internet saves everything. Many of the president's real supporters will be in better positions than they are now. It'll be impossible for these assholes to claim they stood with him. "The blacks" won't allow it.


  2. I don't think anyone's billing themselves as members of a professional left -- the term PL was invented by the previous WH spokesman, after all -- but Maher does bill himself as progressive and libertarian and whatever the ideology du jour is.

  3. Think Ron Paul's question is well taken, and deserves an official response by Brits who claim British citizenship but try to goad America into international wars.

  4. I am not British, but you are an asshole.