Friday, February 3, 2012

Pundits Who Say the President Is Awkward Awkwardly Discuss Empathy

On the day after a billionaire ex-Presidential candidate (Donald Trump) endorsed another corporate billionaire candidate (Willard), Morning Joe's panel discussed how awkward Willard is, but - as usual - Joe Scarborough wanted to discuss how much more awkward the President is.

Thank goodness Bill Press was there plugging his book about Obama hatred. I wonder if Joe got a page or a chapter? Mika, Press and Eugene Robinson got short shrift, even though Eugene's got Willard sung like a song, but we all know that Mark McKinnon is one of the shifty Republicans behind the Americans Elect scam third party, trying to siphon votes away from the President, and it's time Jon Meacham retired to the old Kentucky Home, with a cigar and a bourbon.


For what it's worth, compassionate conservatism is the most moronic of oxymorons.


  1. POTUS Obama is most UNawkward President in history. Why do they keep making sh** up? Morning Joe needs to go BTW. Pathetic show.

  2. I guess the meaning of awkward has changed. How about my conclusion that Joe doesn't have any charisma? The dude's a dud. Does he know how sorry he looks next to the president? These talking heads upset me.