Saturday, February 11, 2012

Short-Term Memory Loss or Does the Professional Left Suddenly Realise It's 2012?

The Professional Left, as exemplified by one of their biggest mouths, Bill Maher, suddenly and vociferously, comes to the defense of President Barack Obama. This is after Maher has spent the past three years, equally vociferously, denouncing, denigrating and generally dissing this man as being a weak, spineless "pussy" and a bad negotiator.

Here's this week's Overtime segment from Real Time. Watch Maher launch into an incredibly strong defense of the President and all he's had to endure against Reiham Salam's pithy commentary - forgetful of the fact that Maher, himself, hurled pejorative epithets against the President as well.

Quite a vociferous defense. I wonder if, since Andrew Breitbart is a regular guest on Maher's program and since Breitbart gets a pretty easy ride each time he appears, Maher can be considered, at least by MSNBC's newest political analyst, a closeted Republican troll paid by Andrew Breitbart?

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