Thursday, May 31, 2012

Paul Krugman Warns about Voter Suppression (and Bill Maher Still Doesn't Understand Government)

Last week's Real Time panel sported the opposite ends of economic theory with Paul Krugman and Arthur Laffer both on the panel. The last topic of discussion was, of course, about how much the economy would impose itself upon the Election and its outcome.

Michelle Barnard referenced the changing demographics of the country - racially, socially and sexually - and how each demographic's issues might play upon voting in general, when Paul Krugman pointed out the core preoccupation that's arising from this Election cycle and all the diversionary tactics, state-by-state, the Republicans have imposed upon the country, whilst they go ripping up voting rights and privileges helter-skelter.

As the good doctor says, what matters demographics, if these people are denied the right to vote?

Meanwhile, back in Bill Maher's own particular universe, he tries to address why the Republicans dislike the President so much. The first sentence of his editorial at the end of the clip below, could have saved him mouthing the rest. The Republicans dislike the President - basically - because he's black. As for Bill talking about what the President would have done that would really have labelled him a radical (at the 4:45 mark), he's still labouring under the lowest common denominator of faux Left Wing fallacy that the President is a benign but powerful Leftish dictator. Bringing the troops back from Afghanistan, giving everyone Medicare (which would still only have covered 80% of medical insurance coverage), ending the drugs war and turning Dick Cheney over to The Hague would have required something else ... the unmitigated cooperation of Congress and a party which stood firmly in line behind the President.

Compromise is not a weakness. It's the stuff of governments, and Bill Maher, Cornell graduate, quite obviously spent his time daydreaming in civics class.

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