Saturday, May 5, 2012

Real Time May 4, 2012


Good monologue - especially the Gingrich and Marcus Bachmann bits, but he so tanked out as a coward by not calling Whoreanna I'm-Bill's-Mommy Fuckington out on her hypocrisy. And ... PLEASE ... it's PRESIDENT Obama. (Plus some racially-oriented jokes)

So Bill thinks the second term for the President is more important than the first because it will be seen as a racially-tinged indictment that the first black President failed? Who the hell has spent the past three years, bar this current one, absolutely pissing on anything the President achieved, making racist comments about him and pushing the narrative that he was weak? Right. Bill Maher.

Two Virginians on the panel. And Bill couldn't get into UVa.

I agree with Col Wilkerson. NATO is no longer relevant for us or for itself. Good point by Ed Schultz, the other Virginian. Willard's remark about Jimmy Carter was low rent. Even more low rent than the Republicans' idea of the President pushing the meme that he got Bin Laden.

Sponge Bob gets his fifteen minutes of fame on Bill's show!!

The end of this, with the clip of Romney making jokes only a rich Republican could make on someone's estate, is absolutely priceless.

A briiliant takedown of the total disconnect of Willard. Watch:-

And Overtime:=

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