Saturday, May 19, 2012

Real Time Blogging

The monologue's not great, but the Rather interview is good, especially the bit about factual news vs opinion news and the news media as corporate. Panel ... not so great. Bill Bradley is the only one who actually speaks sense, and he's too much of a gentleman either to interrupt the prick on his right and the bitch on his left who have to speak only to go orgasmic at the sound of their voices. Michelle Caruso-Cabrera and Jeremy Scahill are the worst examples of how Right and Left hate on Obama. I'd like to give them both a smack.

Talking about racism during the latter panel - Bill won't acknowledge either his racism or the subtle patronising type practiced by the Progressive Left. Shame.

Back to the most important issue now that the President has supported same-sex marriage: legalising drugs.


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