Tuesday, May 15, 2012


For anyone who buys into the fallacy that MSNBC is the Left's answer to Fox, I call bullshit. MSNBC may have a few noticeably Left-leaning moderators of their political talk shows, but most blow with the wind of political fashion. Remember when Christ Matthews, who certainly should know better, deemed Michelle Bachmann a "hero, who's going to go all the way?" Or Ed Schultz, a former Republican, in a pique with the President, telling people not to vote?

In my opinion, the network bears too unhealthy a close relationship with The Huffington Post, long regarded a bastion of liberal/progressive thought, when it's anything but. It's a cleverly disguised tool for ratfuckery, and Madame makes certain her operatives out and about convey the decisive anit-Obama message she wants to transmit.

Howard the Hack Fineman is a political analyst. Widdle Sammie Stein crops up regularly when he can get time off school, and sorority gossip girl Alex Wagner has her own gig.

It seems the object of this election cycle is to make the President look as bad as it is possible to big up Willard and make him look good. There's no show which does that more than Morning Joe, but I expect that. Scarborough is, after all, an ex-Republican Congressman, and his roundtable every morning is populated by what is possibly the largest conglomeration of testosterone that side of Wall Street. No wonder Mika looks pissed off.

Now the spin coming out of MSNBC is to push two memes: the fact that the most recent CBS/New York Times poll shows Obama now losing support of women and trailing Mitt Romney. The second meme being pushed is that most voters are turned off by the President's declared support of gay marriage - not because they oppose gay marriage, but because they see it as a cynical political move.

It's always easy to discredit and distrust the black man.

Here are two clips, one from this morning's Morning Joe and another from today's show fronted by the insipid and inarticulate Alex Wagner.

Scarborough is a bully and imposes his personality and point of view on the panel. He's creaming his knickers at the prospect of Willard leading the President in a poll, and amongst women; and it tickles his Rightwing fancy that two-thirds of voters polled think the gay marriage support was politically motivated.

Four hours  later, and MSNBC are still pushing this forcefully. After all, repeat a lie enough, and it becomes the truth; and who better to push the buttons than Wagner, herself; but she's joined by Rev Al Sharpton, who's been around the political block a few times, himself, and the Brit Martin Bashir, who gives Wagner a masterclass in why the President can't achieve everything she's so disappointed that he hasn't achieved and won't push: Congress. That a British subject has to come to the old Colonies and school an American - a political commentator at that - on how the government works and how realistic a President has to be in an election year just shows what a shameful lot of failing hacks our political media are.

And ignorant. As Al Sharpton says, giving Wagner pause for thought, perhaps the President respects his base more than his base give him credit for doing. Instead of making them feel good, he tells them the realities of a situation - not that they listen; and as Bashir is quick to point out to Madame, the President didn't gain politically for supporting gay marriage - an opinion, not a law. That galvinised the Right to roster behind Willard.

And finally, Al Sharpton schools Wagner in the inanity of single issue voting: Stay at home. Enable the Republicans. (Maybe this is what Scarborough means when he says that a majority of voters now think Mitt Romney can significantly change Washington?)

Change you can believe in with Willard is an unflinching veer to the hard Right.


  1. That poll is bogus. How does an almost 20 point lead go down so quickly when the person behind has done nothing to improve his standing? Wagner's in over her head on that show. Isn't she the one that wants to get rid of the 2nd Amendment? Where do they find these people?


  2. I agree that poll is absolutely bogus! But, I like Sam Stein alright...he is soft spoken but he will stand up to that bully on Morning Joke! ~debbyeOh