Saturday, May 5, 2012

Something We Knew All Along

Newt Gingrich, Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan ... oh, and Frank Luntz. Get them all together in a room, and you have a gaggle of trouble.

Now it seems, as the 2012 Presidential campaign gets underway that, from the very first day of this President's term, a plot was devised to - what? - well, to use Rush's words, to make him fail. Or, to quote Mitch McConnell, to ensure that this President only gets one term.

And their method?

Just say no. No matter what, no matter how much any policy proposed or endorsed by this President would help this country, even these representatives' own constituents, just say no. Just oppose it. Smack it down. Flat.

And that's what they did, as explained below:-

People aren't stupid. The general public sussed this lot long ago - that's the same general public who sussed when these assholes told lies about what the President did and didn't do.

I don't know what makes me angrier - having this made public now, or spending the last three years seething and arguing and figuratively beating my head against the wall at the plethora of so-called Progressives who jumped on the pejorative bandwagon of petty discontent in bitching, griping and carping about the President not fulfilling their Disneyland agenda and, inadvertantly, aiding and abetting the Republicans in their quest to down the Presidency.

Either way, actions by both sides were damned disgraceful. The Republicans were supposed to be the opposition. I can forgive their conniving ignorance, but people from the Left? Please don't insult my intelligence - and that also goes for the person presenting this report. Ed Schultz, amongst others, did a helluva lot of harm, including telling people not to vote in the 2010 Midterm elections, in order to teach the President and the Democrats a lesson.

Well, Ed and his ilk learned a lesson from that, themselves, at our expense. And we the people, the real Liberals, won't forget that easily.


  1. I hope they learned a lesson, but long-term memory doesn't seem to be among their talents.

  2. The Republicans are despicable but I expect that from them. What is inexcusable is for so called progressives and progressive media to have given the Republicans such an assist.

  3. Forgive...but don't forget.