Monday, May 7, 2012

Our Political News Media

Remember when America's political news media was the envy of the world? Remember when we had Huntley-Brinkley? John Chancellor? Mike Wallace? Peter Jennings? Wise Uncle Walter?

Here are their successors:-

Comedians who dabble in political punditry and who retreat behind the mask of a clown when something controversial that they've said comes back to smack them in the face. Pundits? Fundits?

Recovering alcoholic ex-shock jocks who dabble in conspiracy theories:-

The fat kid who never grew up and always hated authority:-

Ex-rodeo clowns:-

College failures:-



Social-climbing media whores with a big sideline in ratfucking:-

Failed movie producers with a racist tinge:-


Ex-Republican blowhards:-

Ex-Democratic blowhards:-

Democratic strategists who lost the only election they ever fought:-

Republican strategists whose father lost the 2008 Presidential election:-

Sorority girls:-

Phi Beta Kappa grads who are paid to act dumb:-

Ladies who lunch (Daddy bought me the business):-

Ladies who lunch (my husband's connections got me this job):-

Political analysts who can't analyse their own white privilege:-

Inadequate sons of esteemed dead fathers:-

Extraterrestrial aliens:-

Is it any wonder we're in the state we're in with this lot imparting information?

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