Saturday, May 12, 2012

Non-Apologies vs No Apologies

Just to be fair and balanced (like Fox News isn't), this past week saw two high-profiled ex-Governors of East Coast states put in positions where one would reckon an apology was necessary.

The first incident concerned the viral story of Mitt Romney's vicious bullying of a closeted gay student at his prep school in the early 1960s. An event vividly recalled (and regretted) by the five other participants in what would clearly be defined today as an assault, but an event which Mitt simply doesn't recall, or even want to recall.

This, my friends, is what a non-apology looks like.

Willard Mitt Romney purports not to recall the incident at hand, but - hey - you know, if anyone's offended, he apologises. Brush it under the carpet, sweep it away. Besides, the guy's dead, and he's not complaining. Token non-apology rendered. Move on.

On the Democratic side, even earlier in the week, before the President announced he was supporting same-sex marriage, one of the highest ranking Democrats in the land - a former DNC chairman, no less, and ex-Governor of Pennsylvania, Ed Rendell, peremptorily demanded that the President step up to the plate thus:-

This is the President of the United States about whom Rendell is speaking. And, once again, the so-called Liberal white guy, not only tells the President what he should do, he does this in a way that can only be described as highly disrespectful - by impugning the masculinity and moral courage of the first African American President. Even more disgraceful is that he did so in the presence of two African American males - one a Republican analyst (and ex-RNC chairman) and the other a journalist, and neither respectfully and politely chided Rendell on his overt disrespect.

Well, we all know what happened on Wednesday, when Rendell was played the fool.

And the apology to the President for such disrespect?

That's what no apology sounds like. Maybe Ed Rendell needs to man up.

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