Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Get Over It, Governor

Ed Rendell needs seriously needs to get over the fact that Hillary Clinton didn't win the nomination. He totally gets what Obama was emphasizing Romney's job creation claim as opposed to private enterprise as a whole, yet he stirs the private enterprise pot. And what's truly NAUSEATING is Rendell saying the President should emphasize all the good things he's achieved, when Rendell has spent the past three years pissing on those achievements as insignificant. I call bullshit on that. And as erratic as Chris Matthews has been throughout this first term, he's bang on the mark with this one.

Here's a song for Ed Rendell and all those disaffected Dems who just can't bring themselves to cover the President's back and stay onside with his message ... and this is also for the entire Republican party, along with my stiff middle finger.

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  1. As much trouble as Rendell could be in because of the prison pay to play scandal, he has no room to advise PBO about anything. PBS had a major expose on him last night. If he didn't watch it, he should have. Rendell's punditry became so odious to me that whenever he is on MSNBC, I change the channel. With friends like Rendell, neither we, nor the president, need enemies. Rendell has spent an enormous amount of time airing his jealousy of the president's achievements by criticizing them. I hope PBO is doing the same thing about Rendell that I'm doing: viewing him as a dishonest broker and dismissing whatever he has to say on any subject as being backed by his animus due to the fact that HRC didn't win the election in 2008.