Monday, May 14, 2012

Needing a Knife for Your Nose, Reverend?

This African-American pastor, Rev Dr Emmett Burns, who's also a state legislator, plans on sitting out this election and telling his congregation to do so as well?

Why? Because the President supports same-sex marriage, and that offends the good reverend and his flock.

First of all, religion and politics are supposed to be totally separate in our government, so if the Rev Dr Burns is  allowing his religious beliefs to interfere in his legislative activities, then he needs to bow out of government right now. Secondly, a pastor has no control nor any right to dictate to his congregation how they should vote or even if they should vote at all.

What goes on in the voting booth is between a voter and his conscience, just as what goes on in prayer is between the person praying and his god.

Same-sex marriage may not be to the Rev Dr Burns's personal taste. Indeed, he may believe what he reads in the Old Testament of his Bible - that it's an abomination; but by sitting out this election, he is enabling the very people who just might strip him of his Social Security or his Medicare. They might force his daughters or granddaughters to bear children conceived in rape or to carry through a pregnancy to term that might endanger their own lives as well as the child's. Staying at home may eventually deny his children or grandchildren the opportunity of higher education. His non-vote may place people in power who still believe in "property rights" as a euphemism for Jim Crow. His non-vote may enable people with the power to turn the country around on the proverbial dime and re-direct it down the road, back to the future that's the Fifties - and I suppose the Rev Dr Burns can remember the Fifties as a time when he flourished ... not.

Staying at home in a sulk because the President supports same-sex marriage might make the Rev Dr Burns feel sanctified and self-righteous, but it might also enable the Republicans to take the reins.

And that would truly be an abomination.

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  1. He doesn't need a knife, Emilia, give the man a sword. Thank goodness the majority of us (Black Americans) are NOT single issue voters. There's much more at stake in November than gay marriage or abortion. Everyone I know plans to show up at the polls in November with bells on.