Saturday, May 12, 2012

Real Time May 11 2012

Monologue: Once again, the Southern prejudice, tarring the entire South with the brush of homophobia. There are ample Northern states who don't recognise gay marriage, but Bill always only ever focuses on the South.

Also, I take it Bill didn't get an invitation to Clooney's do for the President. Such a shame.

Richard Clarke: Another Virginian and a Southerner. Does Bill realise this?

Good for Richard Clarke. He's for the President and gives him ample credit in his takedown of bin Laden and old Al Qaeda. And Clarke puts Maher and the snarky Left Coast straggling applause contingent in their places when Bill can't resist remarking that "this President does a lot of what the last one did."

Final word from Clarke: It matters whom you elect President.

Panelists - David Cay Johnston, Margaret Hoover and Grover (Puke) Norquist: Conservative edge.

Margaret Hoover, whom I cannot stand and who is Herbert Hoover's granddaughter, has the most appalling voice - like a Valley Girl on helium. Plus, she's rude.

Grover's turn: Stop calling the Democratic Party the "Democrat" Party. Bill is wrong about Obama not wanting to lead. The President is a Constitutional law professor. He knows that Congress legislates. That's why he - uhhhh - let them make the laws, like they're supposed to do. Norquist is right, however: The Republicans, at least since Dubya, have been a President-centric party. As in Dictator.

Grover Norquist looks like a mole.

Margaret Hoover screeches GOP talking points like a schoolgirl from a bad sitcom.

Norquist is dead wrong about Europe. Budgets are being cut to the bone, and although it was Gordon Brown who raised the higher tier tax rate in Britain from 40% to 50%, David Cameron cut them back.

Eva Longoria: Smart woman. Good Democrat.

New Rules: Editorial gives Biden all the credit for Obama's support of gay marriage. This guy, like all of the Professional Left, never gives the President one ounce of credit for anything.


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