Saturday, November 26, 2011

We Might Be One Nation, But We Ain't Under God

Many thanks to my Twitter bud, Gotta Laff, who - along with my schoolfriend Betsy Lumbye - rank as the two smartest women in California, for pushing me in the direction of this:-

If you can get past all the dross and sorority girl patter, the Valley Girl accents and the cigar-based testosterone of the man in the suspenders, you'll ascertain that no less than Bush babe, Dana Perino, is defending the fact that President Obama failed to mention the word "God" in his Thanksgiving address.

No big deal, says Perino. Even her old boss, Dubya, didn't mention the Big Deity's name in his last Thanksgiving message.

For all the bluff and bluster and the consternation that some mention of "God" should have been part and parcel of the address, the hanging question is, simply, why?

Forget the brunette bimbo who keeps whining about the secular Left, the fact remains - and it cannot be disputed, really - that this was a nation actually founded by a bunch of secular Lefties. Of all the Founding Fathers, George Washington - he of the "moving" Thanksgiving message - was probably the most religious and the least educated. The whole religious ethos idea behind the establishment of the United States is that there is none.

We were the first nation not to be constrained by a common religious belief. The French persecuted Protestants. The British classed Catholics as second-class citizens. The Mediterranean countries of Spain and the Italian nations were Catholic and nothing else. Even the German nations were divided by the Protestant ones of the North and the Catholic ones nearer Austria.

We had no state religion, because our Constitution recognised that religion was a matter of personal conscience, even stating that a person should not be denied employment based on his following or his non-following of a religious faith, even unto the office of President of the United States.

God doesn't come into any Presidential or political message, and if it does, it shouldn't. The President's tactful omission of the Deity lends us the liberty to be thankful to whomever we think is responsible for the goodnesses we receive.

End of.

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