Friday, November 4, 2011

A Reporter Really Doing His Job Exposes Michael Moore as a Liar and a Hypocrite

The Michael Moore Appropriate the Occupy Movement Holy Papal Tour continues (coupled with a book-signing tour). This is blatant fame whoring. Arianna Huffington must be chewing nails and pissing rust at such shameless self-publicizing.

I don't know what is more embarrassing - Moore's grifting or the naivete in the people in these protests to give blanket belief that Moore, or indeed, any passing celebrity, would really, really, really be paying more than lip service sympathy to their cause?

I can't go over this enough. You can read Frank Bruni's brilliant takedown of what's behind the celebrity megabuck sympathisers here. But it's not rocket science to figure out that Moore's pimping a book, and that these protests in major cities afford him an opportunity to make money, as well as slag off the President and push the au courant political anti-message of "Don't vote."

And I have to say, watching the protesters adopt Moore as their voice, after openly criticizing any other public person trying to co-opt them, is beyond my ken. I don't know whether to pity their ignorance or disdain them for the same thing.

Obviously, Mikey's feeling the heat, since Piers Morgan niggled him about being part and parcel of the one per cent, vis-a-vis his obvious wealth.

That wasn't enough. Another filmmaker, Gavin Pollone, not only disclosed Moore's personal wealth as being in the area of around $50k, he also revealed that Moore's films are financed by Goldman Sachs, via Harvey Weinstein, and that Moore actually gained a lot of money, through Goldman Sachs, as a result of TARP payouts.

As expected, the wealth disclosure brought out some Rightwing trolls, as the Moore bandwagon travelled up the Left Coast to Occupy Portland (and a book signing), as evidenced in the video:-

Pretty lame, but smart reaction from Moore, who ignored the heckler, but today, as he made the regal entry into Occupy Denver, the local CBS affiliate was on hand, with a young reporter. Either this guy's doing the job the way it's supposed to be done, or he read and took heart when Gavin Polone exhorted that ...

journalists should start showing more backbone in testing the veracity of statements made by those who use the media to disseminate a holier-than-though message.

This is just what the reporter, Evrod Cassimy, did. He directly questioned Moore about his rumoured wealth, which he, as a journalist, was well within his rights to do. He wasn't reporting rumour and innuendo; rather, he was throwing the rumour out there, either to be refuted or acknowledged as the truth.

What followed is a classic example of how a bully reacts when the nerve of truth is hit. Unfortunately, the video can't be imbedded, but you can watch this on Mediaite's site here. And you really should watch the video, because it's creepy; and it shows just the sort of person Moore is. If there were ever a better example of actions speaking louder than words, this is it; and notice that Moore uses the classic Palin technique of turning the reporter's question around into an accusation and making him out to be the liar, whilst Michael is a victim.

And spot the obvious lie about him ploughing all his wealth into his film-making. And yet, the crowd remain faithful in their belief in him as a working class hero.

What stands out so glaringly to me is the relative calm with which Michael Moore ignored the Portland heckler, who was a conservative blogger out to cause trouble, whilst he definitely lost his cool with CBS's Evrod Cassimy.

I might add, in view of the recent racial controversy surrounding Moore and for which he has yet to apologise, that the conservative blogger-heckler was white, and Evrod Cassimy is African-American.

Another one of Michael Moore's obvious hypocrisies is exposed.

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