Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Beat Goes On ... Bill Maher As Good As Endorses Mitt Romney

Here's a newsflash for all you EmoProgs who think the sun shines out of Michael Moore's ample ass. Here's a newsflash for all you poor souls who still insist that Keith Olbermann "speaks for you." Here's a newsflash for anyone who hangs out on Bill Maher's Facebook page, writing messages, heavily laced with words like "darling" or phrases like "you're the only pundit who speaks the truth."

I live in the UK. I watch the BBC. They have some of what I consider to be the best political analysis in the world. Yet when they have to assess an American political situation, do you know to whom they refer for expert analysis? Lawrence O'Donnell? No. Chris Matthews? No. Oxford-educated Rachel Maddow? Er, no. Ed Murrow wannabe KO? Never in a million years.

None of the above.

When the BBC need a Democratic analysis, they have Jamie Rubin on their screens. A centrist point-of-view comes always from David Gergen. And the Right is represented by ... get ready ... Pat Buchanan.

None of the MSNBC or Progressive bods count for anything.


Because as distasteful as Rubin, Gergen and certainly Buchanan may be, they know their stuff. They know how to make an analysis of a political situation and call it. Mostly, they don't come on and bluff and bluster about what the President should or shouldn't do. They are political realists. The rest, the Beeb considers to be political neophytes or clowns.

O'Donnell and Maddow aside, that's pretty much correct.

On last night's Real Time, Bill Maher confirmed something I'd suspected for a long, long time.

New Rule: You cannot vote for Reagan, Dole and Schwarzenegger, you cannot enable George Bush by pushing Ralph Nader's candidacy, and you cannot praise Ron Paul and continue to call yourself a Progressive.

You, Bill, are fame whore, pimping to the radical chic on one side while nursing off the toxic tit of Arianna Huffington's ratfucking conservatism. It's been noticed how particularly cosy you are in the company of people like P J O'Rourke, Jack Kingston, Bill Frist and your personal favourite, Darrell Issa.

I'm not surprised how cosy you are with Issa or that you took the opportunity of his comforting presence last night to endorse Mitt Romney's candidacy for President and your support for him in the usual cowardly roundabout way you do. You do that because you are right about one thing: Americans are stupid - at least the ones who hang on your every word as a political pundit or fundit are. And you know it.

You can watch the clip from the show here. The panel is dominated by Bill and his BFF Darrell Issa. Issa and Bill share a close friendship with someone, but it looks as though Issa got the whore girl, as evidenced by this picture, taken in Vegas the weekend Gabrielle Giffords was shot:-

Who can look at that picture and not tell me Issa's smiling the smile of the cat who's just got all the cream?

The important part about this segment of last night's Real Time, if you can get past the usual, air-headed incoherence of Alex Wagner (who's been given a slot on MSNBC, I understand) and Bill's unnecessary digs at David Paterson, is the fact that Bill is totally and utterly convinced that Romney can beat the President, based on a poll taken by USA Today.

One poll. That's proof enough for Bill.

That poll from that paper gives Bill Maher, who aspires to political punditry until he's caught making any assertion stupid enough to garner him an In Box full of critical e-mails, then he falls back on the "I'm-Just-a-Comedian" line, the excuse he's been longing for to abandon Obama, without revealing (he hopes) his racist tendencies.

Don't worry about that, Bill. Not only Ta-Nehisi Coates, but also Adam Serwer, writing in Mother Jones, pegged you for the racist that you are, with Serwer even linking your racism to that of Rush Limbaugh's.

Now, your endorsement of Romney and the fact that you firmly believe that he can beat Obama, because USA Today tells you so (and that's your political Bible), it also gives you a chance to push the "don't vote" meme you started almost two months ago, only in a more subtle and perfidious way.

You see, you're now pushing the fact that Romney seems to be he most acceptable and "normal" Republican candidate (when only weeks ago, you were deriding his incessant flip-flopping on issues and warning of the danger and absurdity of his religion). You're convinced that Romney can "so totally defeat Obama," when we all need to remember that you told us that Bush and Gore were the same and we got 8 years of George Bush. You kept pushing how, first, you wished that the President was more like Bush, and then in the run up to the Midterms, you pushed that "Barry" was pejoratively just like Bush, and we got a Tea Party-dominated House of Representatives. You joke and pal around with a convicted felon like Darrell Issa, who's described this administration as one of the most corrupt in history, and we know, we know you've shown the coward you are and sided with whom you think are the safe people.

Pushing the "Romney can SO beat Obama" message, you're also pushing this subliminal one, to the asshats who think you impart wisdom: "Give up. It's not worth voting because Romney will win."

You're endorsing a multi-millionaire corporatist, after sometimes wailing about corporate personhood and then bowing from the waist at Queen Ratfucker Omnipotent of Medialand's corporate triumph. You're going to support a man who wants us to believe he can stimulate jobs, when he made his fortune over ensuring employment redundancies.

But then, why wouldn't you support Mitt Romney? He's as much of a walking contradiction and fraud as you are. David Plouffe could have been describing you as well as Romney when he said that Romney had no core. Neither do you.

At the end of the day, you're hoping that a Romney win will give you better comedy and exonerate you from having associated yourself with a President whose race you found distasteful.

At the end of the day, hopefully, it will show your ardent fanbase what you really are: a coward and a fraud.

I hope the shark didn't take much meat from your pasty ass when you jumped him.


  1. You are speaking truth to power! It's time for us to turn off and tune out these fauxgressives once and for all!

  2. Word!!! I tuned this joker out a couple of years ago and and never turned back.