Saturday, November 5, 2011

Thinking About Not Voting? This Is What We're Up Against

Watch, listen and learn:-

This woman will vote, peeps. She will vote for the Republican Party. She's a Teabagger, but, you know, if Mitt Romney - the man whom noted political pundit, Bill Maher, thinks could so totally beat Obama - garnered the GOP nomination, she'd hold her nose and vote for the sucker, because her news source, Fox, and her corporately Koch-backed branch of the Tea Party would tell her that Romney might not be their cup of tea (pun intended), but he was on their side, and a vote for him would ensure a defeat for Obama.

This woman reads (books by Beck and Coulter), she listens to Rush Limbaugh and she watches news on Fox.

Listen to what she's saying. It's cack and disgusting lies, but she, like many others of her ilk, believe it. It doesn't matter that it isn't true ... just to get the illegal and illegitimate pretender (read: black man) out of the White House, she's willing to vote against her interests.

She's 71 years old, and she thinks the Democrats want to spit on people of her age and consign them to death panels. The sad thing will be that when Paul Ryan, a Republican, does just that, in her mind, it will always be Obama's fault.

But she'll be there, a year from tomorrow, at the voting booth, and if the people who still swear by the words of Professional Left hypocrites like Michael Moore and Bill Maher, who are pushing the "Don't Vote" dynamic. If people at the Occupy protests listen to their self-appointed voices tripping on their own egos, like Joe Diaz, then this woman and everything she represents - the ueber Rightwing Republican Party - will have won also.

It's more than an Election. It's more than class warfare.

It's culture war.

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  1. Excellent post, Emilia! Thank you, I passed this on to another site and actually saw it on theobamadiary.

    You're now in my address bar and their blogroll, too.

    So many are trying to make a buck off of PBObama's really good to find reality based boards.