Sunday, November 27, 2011


I've lived in England too long. Every time I see David O Atkins has written a new blog for Digby, British alarm bells sound in my head - like air raid sirens:-


This time, like the other Professional Lefters whose tits he sucks relentlessly whom he's trying to impress, he's doing his best boy efforts at crawling showing them how much he disdains big, bad, know-it-all show-off Jonathan Chait for writing that icky piece that's given Joan Walsh and others the vapours. (Just don't stand downwind).

Now, we all just know that David's somewhat of a political wunderkind. He's the self-hating Southerner (Texan, no less)who advocates for seceding the South. Make that abundantly clear - he doesn't want the South to go voluntarily, he wants to secede us because we're just too damned pigshit ignorant that we won't understand any Progressive philosophy. He's a twentysomething firebagger who just knows that much more about political history and strategy than anyone with Jonathan Chait's background and experience, who's one decade older. You can compare Chait's credentials here to Boy David's here.

If you're interested, you can read Babb-eh David's snarky takedown of Chait here and here's where I spew my Ovaltine:-

So if progressives are upset that Obama's Affordable Care Act doesn't go far enough, it's not our grousing opinion. It's because we know it doesn't--and all we have to do is look north of the border at Canada, or to most any country in Europe, or to the social democracies of Asia to prove it. If progressives are upset that campaign finance laws are woefully ineffective, it's because we have examples overseas of less corrupt electoral processes to prove it. Europe's financial system has also been remarkably stable for decades until the Anglo-American-caused economic crash combined with the misguided adoption of the Euro.

(Cough cough).

First off, the ACA went as far as it could based on (a) the number of Democrats resident in the Senate and (b) the type of Democrats they were. As only now is the truth coming out about the lies propagated at the time about the so-called public option, coupled with the fact that there was a Blue Dog Democratic presence which literally had to be hog-tied and appeased before the vote, Atkins should rein in his assumptions, especially since he was probably part of the dynamic that believed Queen Ratfucker Omnipotent of Medialand was his Progressive friend, all the while she was tree-hugging Newt and cosying with Darrell Issa.

As for the "less corrupt political practices" overseas ... sunshine, I live overseas. If there are 50 ways to leave your lover, there are 100 ways to bung a politician of your choice some extra dosh in his kitty to enhance his victory chances. Do you seriously think Liliane Betancourt, the CEO of L'Oreal was lugging cosmetics to Carla Bruni everytime she visited Sarko's office with a briefcase and conveniently left it behind?

And the European crisis wasn't manufactured by the Anglo-British banking alliance at all, but by the fact that Greece, Italy and Spain used deceptively creative accounting practices to insure that the European Central Bank thought their coffers were fuller than they were, coupled with the fact that Europe has an ageing population, which isn't reproducing itself enough to replenish the benefits' system - too many pensioners, not enough people replacing them in the workforce. Add to that a burgeoning immigration problem - both legal and illegal - and ... IT'S THAT MAN AGAN! ... you got trouble in River City.

And Wonderboy's final remark to Chait reeks of condescension and utter ignorance:-

So yes, Mr Chait. Liberals are always--and increasingly of late--frustrated with our Presidents. That's because we have every reason to be.

This asshole is supposed to be the prodigy of California politics? Pray for the earthquake to be swift and just. Any kid from Rock School can tell you ... you want a liberal President, elect a liberal Congress he can work with, but hey ... David ... it's always better to blame the black guy ... like a true Texan out visiting Niggerhead.

But that's not all ... he comes back with some wittering garbage linking the President to Americans Elect and Thomas Friedman, save my soul!

I fear for the future of the Democratic Party, if children like this miscreant is let loose. I fear for California, as I'm certain that there are only nine people left in that state with any modicum of common sense and critical thinking ability.

And I also blame David O Atkins's parents for not raising him better. If your mamma won't tell you, Davy, I am ... It's President Obama. The only people to address him by his surname are people who have trouble accepting a man of colour as our President.

It certainly wouldn't look nice having to add racist to your resume', would it? Either way, I'd say you're pretty much what the Italians would call a maleducato.

This one's for you, Davy-poo:-

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