Tuesday, November 15, 2011

David O Atkins, Secede THIS!

Garth Brooks, DEMOCRAT, on the government and why he supports our President:-

Let's see ... David O Atkins, closet Texan who's reborn as a Californian bay-bee ... thinks the South isn't worth saving. Well, we've had Toby Keith speaking out for taxing the wealthy and in favour of DADT being repealed and the abolition of DOMA; we've had Alan Jackson writing a song about how ordinary people suffer from corporate takeovers; and now Garth weighs in.

All Southern. All Democrats.

Pardon me, whilst I address our Democratic Chairperson in Southernese.

Miss Debby, girl, you'd best be a-callin' on these boys to get out and talk the damnned South BLUE again.

The next sound you hear will be that of Jim DeMint rolling into his Republican grave.

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