Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sorry, But Mitt Romney Simply Isn't Acceptable

I seem to have discovered the rationale behind Bill Maher's hope belief that Mitt Romney could "so beat Obama."


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Mitt's a man after Bill's own heart. He wants to cut funding for the National Endowment for the Arts (a pet hate of Bill's) and also funding for National Public Radio, another thing Bill hates. Oh, and Bill would also get to keep his Bush tax cuts. Like forever.

Yes, I know Romney was only pandering to the Tea Party, and I know that the Tea Party hate him; but we have to remember one thing: The Tea Party is now the Republican Party.

Anyone who's biting the bullet and hoping that the GOP nominee is Romney, in the event of a GOP win, please ... stop and think.

Mitt thinks corporations are people. He's said this again and again; it's almost become a mantra.

Mitt believes in letting foreclosures take their natural course. The housing market will sort itself out.

Mitt is the man who made his millions by buying struggling companies and making their staff redundant. Isn't it kind of oxymoronic that he talks about job creation when his specialty is job redundancy?

Do I see Paul Ryan on the horizon? Doesn't make any difference that pundits play down the fact that Romney was talking to a Teabagger bunch, the President does not legislate, and, specifically, he does not legislate fiscal issues, like the budget. A Romney White House coupled with a Republican House and a Republican Senate would equal Paul Ryan's budget being passed and Social Security and Medicare being kissed off.

The Supreme Court becomes more corporate. There will be one, maybe two and possibly three vacancies occuring on the Court between 2013 and 2017. One of those vacancies occurring will be a liberal justice. Don't bank on Romney picking a liberal. The slant on the court would be 6-3.

Anyone thinking that, if worse came to worse, a Romney presidency would be bearable enough for four years, because he's the least insane of all the asylum inmates running for the nomination, is fooling themselves.

The GOP knows the limitations on its candidates this election cycle. That's why a White House win would be an added bonus. The GOP want to keep the House and gain the Senate.

That would mean four years of gridlock before they pulled out their big guns and their guns are pretty big.

We, meantime, are fighting amongst ourselves with water pistols.

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