Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pot, Meet Kettle - and, Yes, Chuck, the President Is Black

So upChuck Todd is now begging political commentators, Left and Right, to leave off using the race card ... but only after Uncle Rush had a moan about the big, bad Liberal media coming after the Republican's token Negro black conservative Presidential candidate.

Tsk tsk. We know that the Right and their mouthpieces have played the ace of race cards for the past three years, and Rush has been the chief offender, from his thinly veiled remarks concerning the First Lady to his insistence on playing the theme song from "Sanford and Son" when making any reference to the Presidency. Then there was Glenn Beck's remark about the President having a deep-seeded hatred of white people. And the Teabaggers with their birtherism, their socialism, their Nazism, all euphemism for "black."

But Chuckie needs to look closer to home in levelling his remarks. The Foxbots and Rightwingers were doing what we all expected them to do when a black man was duly elected to the White House, and that's to crawl from the woodwork. Still, MSNBC employs Pat Buchanan, who somehow still seems to think black people would be happier and better looked after down on the plantation. And then there are others from the Left, who've pushed the race package in far subtler ways - Chris Matthews "forgetting" the President was black, Bill Maher and Michael Moore hiding blatantly racist and stereotypical remarks behind the veil of comedy, and anyone from Olbermann to Uygur to Ed Schultz, all of whom emphasized their criticism with the particularly emasculating rhetoric traditionally used to propagate the myth of the morally and intellectually weak black man. Mark Halperin called the President a "dick." Bill Maher called him a "pussy," both on political commentary programs.

So remember, Chuck, charity and self-discipline begin at home.

And why the hell did you bring this up only now in light of Herman Cain's problem, when the media, Right and Left, have been playing the race card since January 21, 2009?

Tell me.

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  1. I'm tweeting this with the intro: "Chuck Todd, forget about it" because these bozos can always dish it, but they can't take it. Suddenly, it's inappropriate to play the race card with a black politician--if he's a republican. I get it. Courtesy and respect are reserved only for some individuals, specifically those who have the Ann Coulter/Rush Limbaugh Seal of Approval.