Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Eminent Democratic Wunderkind Sage David O Atkins Begins to Grow Up and See Sense

They say one of the first steps toward adulthood is the ability to admit you were wrong and to take responsibility.

David O Atkins almost does that in his latest blog for Digby:-

Democrats took a lot of heat and made a lot of progressives really angry when the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy were extended by the Obama Administration. But it's important to remember that the Republicans were holding many other priorities hostage in exchange for those cuts, including the START treaty and unemployment extensions. Commentators can argue endlessly over whether the trade was a good one to make (I happen to think it wasn't), but it's deeply unfair to say that Democrats, including President Obama, don't want to kill the Bush tax cuts for the rich. They do. Most Democrats, given the wherewithal to do so, will create a more progressive income tax system just as Bill Clinton did.

Make no mistake: Boy David is an EmoProg, a South-hating Southerner who wants to wipe his homeland's political existence off the map as relevant, throw us all to the pie dogs to be gobbled up by the GOP.

So it worries me when David and others in the Democratic Party harp on and on about the middle class, which is the most important demographic to both political parties and the winning talking point by which one measures one's relevance as a politician or a pundit. Face it, Arianna Huffington, Katrina vanden Heuvel and Bill Maher seek to champion the middle classes, and they'd all three run a mile rather than consort with one of them other than to tell them to park their car or shake their booty; and as Atkins is a Southerner who hates Southerners, Maher is a child of the white suburban middle classes who disdains that demographic as losers.

You see, the Democratic Party is the party of the working classes and the champion of the poor. Sure, they're baffled at the moment that this tranche seems to be in thrall enough to the Republicans that they vote against their interests every time, but that bafflement is easily remedied.

All they have to do is engage with them. Talk. And talk with, not down.

Maybe there's hope for our lad yet. Much of his blog and his tweets lately have concerned pondering the never-ending quest to find proof that the Democrats, led by that cur, Barack Obama, plan to cut, snip, pare and totally dismember Social Security and Medicare as we know it. I mean, that had to be true ... Adam Green earned spent so much money propagating the idea that this was going to happen, so it must be so; why, MSNBC, even Lawrence O'Donnell, invested so much time in punting Green as a viable political voice ... It couldn't have been a lie.

Could it?

Well, David O Atkins has this to say:-

It looks like the payroll tax cut doesn't harm the Social Security trust fund after all: the money is mandated to be paid back from the general fund. This is all a big semantic game, of course. It's all money going into the federal system and then coming back out again. But it's important to quell Republican talking points that Democrats are "weakening Social Security."

As I said, if politicians want to continue to fund Social Security at its current levels, they can find a way. The rest is posturing and political gamesmanship.

By Jove, I think he's got it. Now if he really wants to gain my utter admiration, he'd man up - yes, I said that - and call out Adam Green and his merry gang of grifters for the liars they are and the irreparable damage they did, not only to the President, but also to the Democratic Party and Progressives in general, for propagating such a foul lie.

And, by the way, David, for future reference, it's President Obama.

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