Wednesday, December 7, 2011

With Newt, You Get Armageddon

So Newt Gingrich is the current GOP front-runner. A lot of people on the Right and some on the Left laud him as an intellectual. He's not, really. A Doctor of Philosophy degree doesn't make you an intellectual anymore than a Doctor of Medicine degree makes you a good medical doctor.

Newt's got some ethics issues. People forget he was actually thrown out of his job as Speaker of the House, when his sordid, little past caught up with him. He's got race-baiting down to an art, and if anyone believes that "I saw the light" shit about his conversion to Catholocism, they are far more stupid than I thought.

It may very well be likely that Newt will be the Republican candidate for President. I am not only appealing to Republicans of good common sense (I'm sure there are a few, but then I'm sure pigs don't fly); but I am also appealing to those conflicted, self-obsessed, patronising and blatantly spoilt people who puport to be Progressives too. Some are thinking about voting Green; others plan to vote Republican, on the premise that the GOP will be so bad, the Democrats will reorganise and rise from their flames as newly-minted Progressives, like the Tea Party, and in two years, we'll take back the Congress, with the White House in sights for 2016.

Sorry, we're Democrats. We don't do "organised." We'll sit and stew in our own juices for twenty-four years (the time lengths are doubled by our stupidity), making ourselves increasingly more and more unelectable whilst the Republicans gut everything about our country.

Some people from the Left simply don't plan to vote at all.

OK, don't. And you'll probably get Newt Gingrich. And here's what you get as a bonus:-

Hear that?

John Bolton as Secretary of State. That's a diplomat whose idea of diplomacy is to bomb first and ask questions later. And he's been itching to bomb Iran since the God in whom I don't believe was a boy.

An agressive foreign policy of defending America and a euphemistic nod to the CIA to begin "enhanced interrogation" as well.

Back to the future with Newt Baby. Smells like Bush spirit. Now how about Mary Cheney as Attorney General and Arianna Huffington as maitress en titre complete with Gucci Presidential kneepads?

Somebody hand Newt a fiddle. Rome's burning.

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