Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Song for Fame-Whoring Grifters

Dan Choi's back.

Really, he couldn't stay away. Almost a year after the Senate repealed the odious DADT, after Choi had spent innumerable hours bad-mouthing the President in every way possible, and after this past summer's hissyfit performance at Netroots Nation, he's suddenly decided to make Bradley Manning his new BFF.

From what I gather, Manning's decision to leak hundreds of thousands of classified documents and State Department cables to Julian Assange somehow had to do with his sexuality?

Sorry, I'm sure Manning's sexuality and the fact that he was serving under DADT rules had a lot to do with his state of mind, as it did many other servicemen and women who were under similar stress, but I don't hear anything about any of them committing an act which is pretty damned close, if not tantamount to treason. Even Choi didn't do that.

Choi and Manning signed an oath, upon enlisting, to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. Choi kept his oath. Manning did not. For whatever reasons, he did not; but making it all about his sexuality is simply a moot point.

Manning's plight was all the rage amongst a certain tranche of Professional Left person almost a year ago. A year ago, the repeal of DADT was being debated in the Senate. In all fairness to the military (and I'm not that big a fan, I have to admit), they knew then, that Manning was gay. No mention was made of that. Had they wanted to at that time, they could have made a meal of it - and can you imagine what the likes of John McCain and Co would have done with that in the repeal debates.

It's been six months since Dan's been in the limelight, so I suppose that this event is too big to stop him and the rest of the cockroaches his friends from crawling from the woodwork.

Hey, fame is addicting; but Dan would have learned that from the company he keeps.

So, in the spirit of the holiday season, here's a little ditty to which Dan and all his best buds - Jane and Glenn and Arianna and Markos and widdle Billy Maher and Mikey and even Tavis and Cornel - can shake their collective, grifting booties.

The shoe fits, and they all wear it. Take it away, Kirsty -

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