Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ari Melber Prefers Dog Whistles

Bdyeeee Bdyaaaaa Valley Girl Alex (Gag me with a spoon) Wagner proves she might be learning a glimmer of something this past week on her MSNBC show.

The topic was Ron Paul. Watch Comcast's Robert Traynham define the euphemisms "property rights" and "states rights," and now watch The Nation's Ari Melber dismiss all the evidence linking Ron Paul to racism and homophobia, amongst other things, on the argument that, since we don't really know what's in Paul's heart, we should give him the benefit of a doubt.

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Traynham is right to point out how offensive the "property rights" argument is, and what the history behind "states rights" is. After all, 650,000 Americans lost their lives arguing and shooting each other over "property rights" and "states rights."

But Ari Melber is OK with a potential President who doesn't know what shit his staff is putting about in his name. He can live with a potential racist and homophobe, he can live with women being denied control over their reproductive rights - all for the price of a legal toke and isolationism. And Ari Melber's OK with a President who's said that Israel doesn't deserve to exist?

We'd all do well to remember that The Nation went to great lengths in 2000 to push Ralph Nader, saying Bush and Gore were exactly the same. And what did that get us?

Some people really have no common sense, and those people shouldn't be given a public podium, much less anything with which they can communicate.

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