Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Newt and Arianna: Lovers and Other Strangers

Let's have a song for the couple in the middle ...

Newt and Arianna ... This song could have been written for them, and years from now, when we're all made aware of their real irrelevance and their shallowness of character is at last recognised by one and all, somewhere in Nowhereland, I hope they meet on stage and sing a tender rendition of this song.

Even a broken clock is right twice a day, and Politico has had its two allotments of good judgement in the past 24 hours - first with Sean Smith's brilliant and fair assessment of the President and his performance in office; and now with a brilliant critique of the complicated, yet puerile relationship that exists between Newt Gingrich and Whoreanna Fuckington Arianna Huffington.

The "chance" encounter in the picture above, belies an association which goes back some twenty years. Huffington, as the article pointed out, was regularly known during the 90s as "Gingrich's muse." She was a devotee to Team Newt, a slavish devotee - and ne'mind, the fact that Madame was a married lady. Hell, that made no difference to Newt. He loooooves married ladies, especially if they're not married to him. Besides, Huffington's husband was gay.

If you've been reading a lot of the latest invective she wants us to believe is journalism, which seems to alternate between the President and Newt Gingrich, please don't take the anti-Gingrich rhetoric as Newt Derangement Syndrome.

This is more along the lines of a twelve year-old schoolgirl bitch-in-training protesting too much and masquerading her massive crush on the school bully as snark.

Suffice it to say, that when Queen Ratfucker Omnipotent of Medialand compares Newt to a hedgehog in what appears to be pejorative comparison on the surface, she's really saying she likes a bit of intellectual rough.

Many people credit Newt with the dubious honour of having created the current state of hateful political dissonance which cripples government today - the inability and intransigence about compromise and comity. If Newt was the godfather of all this civil and political discord, then Huffington was, as David Brock notes, "the godmother of the Gingrich revolution."

Politico draws astute character comparisons between this dynamic duo.

ust as Gingrich has worked to recast himself as a reformer averse to the ways of Washington, Huffington has long since abandoned her conservative roots.

But it is in part because of this history that Huffington’s criticisms of Gingrich strike some who knew her then as a bit hypocritical.

A recent critique of Gingrich’s inconsistencies is “so obviously about herself,” said Andy Ferguson, a senior editor at the Weekly Standard. “Her accusing him of opportunistic flip-flopping is like being called ugly by a frog.”

“We’re talking about two operators trying to use each other for the advancement of their respective careers,” he said. “This talk about principles and ideals is all gloss over their efforts to get ahead.”

In fact, the odious David Blankley, a personal friend of Her Majesty, pegs her perfectly:-

“She is one of the really exceptional promoters of the last 15 to 20 years, and that’s what she’s doing now,” he said. “I would not confuse that with sincerity: For a while she was our opportunist and then she became somebody else’s, or her own.”

Note the emphasis, which is mine. You are about to witness a breathtakingly pukeworthy example of that infamous Huffington insincerity, which all too many gullible idiots people from the fashionable end of the extreme Left think is genuine concern.

Says she:-

Both the site and I have certain issues that we care very deeply about — the fate of the middle class, jobs, what’s happening to the poorest Americans — and these are staples of our coverage,” she said.

I call bullshit. That she uses the middle class, or her perception of them, is without doubt; and that she uses middle class dissatisfaction (or current inability to achieve instant gratification) as a weapon with which to undermine the current President is an absolute certainty; but for this media whoracle to present herself as a self-appointed spokesperson for the middle class is a total travesty; and anyone buying into this self-promotional egotistical rhetoric is an idiot and a misguided fool.

She trolled the United States on the even of the 2010 Midterms, purring the message to the middle class that "Obama is just not that into you."

Obama ... never President Obama. In fact, it was she who encouraged this ugly and sneering propensity amongst segments of the Left - specifically the Professional Left, the radical chic and their wannabe sheeple - to address the President only by his surname. It was she who called him "Nowhere Man."

If you think this blatant act of self-promotion and ad hominem reminiscent of Newt's swagger and his rant about the President being some sort of anti-colonial Kenyan, then you're not wrong.

In fact, Newt was Norman Main to Huffington's Esther Blodgett.

Gingrich “plucked her out of obscurity,” according to Ferguson, and Huffington returned the favor by helping to lead a cheering section for Gingrich.

It was a time of “tremendous churning of the social and professional order” in Washington, recalled Ferguson, who tagged along with Gingrich in early 1995 after being asked to consider collaborating on a book. And “by attaching herself to Gingrich, it gave her a kind of cachet in Washington society. … Arianna became a representative of that whole Republican Revolution.”
Gingrich first saw her on C-SPAN, giving a speech soon after Michael Huffington’s election to the House in 1992, on the importance of incorporating a “social conscience” into the conservative ethos.

Huffington recalls Gingrich calling her shortly thereafter to tell her the speech “was exactly right” and was the direction that he wanted to move the party. He invited her to make the case to GOP House members at a retreat in Princeton, N.J., and not long afterward she landed a job running the Center for Effective Compassion, an offshoot of a Gingrich-affiliated think tank.
There she focused on private-sector alternatives to government welfare programs — an area of mutual fascination with Gingrich — and launched a column in which she argued for the ideals expressed by the new Republican majority.

Her status as a Washington power player was cemented by a series of profiles in major media outlets, including a November 1995 Time magazine piece that deemed her “Gingrich’s muse” and the “bane” of Kansas Sen. Bob Dole, the front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination he later won.

The Gingrich-Huffington relationship reached its apotheosis three weeks after the profile, when Huffington penned a column for the Weekly Standard urging Gingrich to challenge Dole for the nomination.

In the column, Huffington touted Gingrich as “slayer of the New Deal, the most powerful congressional politician since Henry Clay” and credited him with “deliver[ing] on the legislative agenda of the revolution more decisively than even his most ardent supporters thought possible.”

Gingrich, she wrote, should “use the spotlight of presidential politics … to challenge Americans to join in weaving a new and true safety net out of their own actions and compassion, to make a lasting difference in their own communities.”

That's the stuff of utter devotion.

Politico derides as "shameless" Huffington's assertion about Gingrich being able to "believe each of his contradictory positions with absolute conviction."

She's speaking about herself, but she's so far gone in her terminal bout of headupassitis, that she's unable to see that, especially when she asserts that Gingrich is "Walt Whitmanesque - he celebrates himself, he sings of himself, he is large, and he contains multitudes.”

Gingrich is an abject liar. So is Huffington. And they're political grifters and hypocrites. If Gingrich created the intransigent attitude borne by so many incompetent, yet elected, Tea Party politicians, then Huffington encouraged the same nasty snark dripping in dire disrespect emanating from the Left towards the President. She encouraged the ugly rhetoric, the constant complaining and the almost visceral hatred of this President, based on unrealistic expectations.

That Gingrich should be regarded and accepted as a serious intellectual and a politician with gravitas is as laughable as the shallow and inane news and opinion media regarding Huffington as an intellectual and a viable political commentator and analyst.

They suck and they suck each other.

And anyone who thinks this woman wouldn't vote for Gingrich in 2012 needs to know that, whilst she said that she might vote Republican, but not for Romney, Perry or Cain ... she never mentioned Newt Gingrich.

Sometimes you say it best when you say nothing at all.


  1. Yeah, I also noticed she's letting that Von Rothschild woman to spew her venom towards the President on HuffPo. You remember her, she made a big stink over leaving the Democratic Party after Obama won the campaign. Arianna is still only out for Arianna. But I wouldn't be surprised if she were attending/hosting Newt fundraisers.

  2. Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised to see LaHuff pimping American Select any day now.

    ps. Perhaps you meant *Tony* Blankly in your post?