Sunday, December 11, 2011

From the Greek Whoracle

Queen Ratfucker Omnipotent of Medialand issues her standard Sunday proclamation:-

It was an up and down week for President Obama. His speech in Osawatomie, Kan. was an up, as he correctly identified the ways our political and economic system are rigged against the middle class as "the defining issue of our time." It would have been much, much better though if the speech had been given two years ago. On the other hand, his politically motivated cave-in on the Plan B morning-after pill was definitely a down (made worse by his claim that HHS Secretary Sebelius was the ultimate decider on this one). Memo to the president: the people who want to deny teens access to birth control are never going to support you -- no matter how many reproductive rights or cabinet members you throw under the bus. Finally, Obama had the quote of the week when, in response to GOP claims that his foreign policy is based on "appeasement," he replied: "Ask Osama bin Laden... whether I engage in appeasement."

Look, let's not split hairs. Those of us with any modicum of common sense knows that this figa started all the discontent emanating from the Left against this President. This puta vaca (with apologies to cows) self-appointed her fragrant self as the spokesperson for the Middle Class. She trolled the country on the eve of the 2010 Midterms pimping a book that didn't sell, telling everyone that the President is "just not that into the Middle Class."

She paid an exhorbitant amount of money to bus thousands of people from New York City to Washington DC the last weekend before voting to attend Jon Stewart's rally and, thus, keep many from canvassaing and campaigning.

She is a hypocrite and a grifter. She was slightly to the right of Phyllis Schlafly during her stint in the UK, trying to make a name for herself in political commentary. Even whoring herself to the venerated Bernard Levin, stroking the fantasy of an older man with a younger woman (and also stroking something else) did nothing to elevate her to the higher eschelons of British political commentary. At the end of the day, all she accomplished was the denigration of Levin, formerly eminently respected, to the level of fool, for his association (at her encouragement) with a dodgy religious cult, which she continued to follow for some years.

She is a plagiarist and has been sued for it. One of her successful accusers was Maureen Orth, the widow of the late Tim Russert, which accounted for her hateful vendetta against Russert right up to his death.

She pals around with Darrell Issa.

Isn't this the picture of cosiness and contentment in Las Vegas, the weekend that Gabrielle Giffords was shot?

She also is a proponent of slave labour, pointing ueber wealthy socialites such as herself in the direction of utilising unpaid workers. When she hit pay dirt with the sale of her rag to AOL, success built on the backs of many unpaid bloggers, who threatened and did strike, her dismissive and condescending attitude was worty of Marie Antoinette.

She is the prototype of a ratfucker. Her rag - I refuse to call it by its name - was founded in the wake of John Kerry's defeat, at the urging of Matt Drudge and Andrew Breitbart, on the premise that there must be money to be made by becoming the Drudge of the Left. Overnight, this neocon flag-waver, who took to the fledgling Internet in the late Nineties to rally everyone behind the impeachment of Bill Clinton and whose opinion pieces in 2008 concerning his wife bordered on verbal assassination, became a dyed-in-the-wool Progressive. I still marvel that the media blithely accepted her Damascene conversion.

People forget her very close and very personal association with Newt Gingrich, and when you see Gingrich's ascendancy in the polls now, you begin to understand the ratfuckery.

This is Huffington, a Republican, writing about Gingrich in 1995:-

If we are confident in the [Republican] revolution, how can we continue to sleepwalk through the nominating process, and wake up, when it’s too late, with a nominee using the megaphone of a presidential campaign to explain to the nation a revolution he does not understand? The prospect is as painful as hearing a Schubert song warbled by Roseanne.

The first moral imperative was expressed by Gingrich in his first speech as speaker: “How can any American read about an l 1-year-old buried with his teddy bear because he killed a 14-year-old, and then another 14-year-old killed him, and not have some sense of “My God, where has this country gone?” How can we not decide that this is a moral crisis equal to segregation, equal to slavery, and how can we not insist that every day we take steps to do something?” The Republican message so far has been expressed not in terms of a moral crisis but in terms of dollars and cents. The connection between balancing the budget and turning lives around has simply not been made; neither has the connection between the level of pain in America that Gingrich has spoken about and the legislative agenda on the Hill.

There are times in life when risking everything is more prudent than protecting what you have. For Gingrich, this could be one of them. And if Gingrich fails to accept the mission, the mission does not go away. The hole in the heart of the Republican revolution remains, waiting for a leader to fill it.

Arianna was Newt's chief cheerleader in the Nineties, and her association hasn't diminished, if her holiday two summers ago says anything:-

Doesn't Callista look pleased that she's there?

As I expected, quite recently, Huffington declared that if a reasonable Republican got the nomination, she could see herself voting Republican this time.

When the Twittersphere - the little people - confronted her on this, she gave this not-so-enigmatic response:-

To clarify - I never said I was going to vote GOP in 2012. A theoretical Republican like Teddy Roosevelt, sure, but Cain Perry Romney? Never

Did you notice whom she didn't name?


Oh, and she lied about voting GOP in 2012 as well.

Her Twitter address is @ariannahuff.

I'm sure she'd love to know your sentiments about this piece of bitchery she calls an opinion piece.


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