Monday, December 12, 2011

So Don't Vote ... And This Is What You Might Get

Hey, all y'all EmoProgs and Professional Sheisters Lefties in the media ... still promoting "Mitt's the Shit" like your creature Bill Maher does from time to time ... subtly promoting him as the acceptable, civilised Republican, when Ron Paul's not flavour of the month.

I suppose all y'all just reckon ol'Mitt won't be so bad. Hell, with all his flip flopping, he will probably have confused all those Teabaggers so much, they'll just let him revert to his former liberal form, and maybe - just maybe - the next four years won't be so bad.

Guess again.

Today, campaigning in New Hampshire (because he doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of winning in Iowa), Mitt "Corporations are People Too" Romney entered a diner and spotted a couple of elderly men sitting at a table. Since one was wearing a Viet Nam veterans' hat, I suppose Mitt thought he'd be easy pickings for a vote nab.

Guess again.

The two men were a married couple - a Viet Nam vet and his husband. Credit to the man (not only for his service), but for hammering Romney directly for his views on same sex marriage and the repeal of DOMA.

Guess again.

Mitt's not in favour of it. In fact, he strongly asserts that marriage is between a man and a woman. No flip-flopping there.

You can watch the somewhat tense exchange below. Romney just oozes insincerity all around.

For all y'all who are hating on the President and standing behind Rachel Maddow's lie that he's not in favour of same sex marriage, when he's ordered the DOJ not to challenge any cases in the Federal Courts, do you realise who actually is against same sex marriage?

Hillary Clinton.

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  1. poor multiple mitt needs to go back to stripping down companies cause hes never gonna be the President