Monday, December 26, 2011

Liberal PaulBots, Your Leader Says Education Isn't a Right

In case you're one of those disaffected Liberals, who aren't really Liberals at all, who are toying with the idea that Ron Paul could give you everything you think Barack Obama should have given you but didn't, live with this: Ron Paul does not think education is a right.

There is the proof. People are entitled to their property rights (he says it again, to Cenky-Stank this time) but no one has an automatic right to education, nor should anyone expect the government to pay for an individual's education.

I know that in this clip, Paul and Cenky-Stank are talking about higher education - as in university education, with Paul going all starry-eyed about how things were in his day, when college tuition cost a mere $350 per semester (a lot of money fifty years ago for poor people to find); but the truth is, Paul also believes this about education in general, and there are a growing number of people in the GOP who don't believe that Federal or state-funded free education for kindergarten through twelfth grade is a basic right for anyone at all. So public schools would be in danger of being wiped off the map under a Paul Presidency.

Of course, all those affluent, well-educated and prosperous Progressives wouldn't have any qualms about that now, would they? This would only affect poor people.


  1. perfect! tweeting this - thanks again for being spot on!


  2. I find it so interesting that Melissa Harris Perry mentions the possibility of racism on the American Left and gets shunned by the PL. Now, we have liberals turning a blind eye to Ron Paul's racism because they are so "disappointed" in Obama.

    They also turn a blind eye to everything else about Paul. Regardless of the racist newsletters and questionable associates, Paul's political stance is exactly 180 degrees opposite of what the vast majority of liberals and progressives. End of story! And if there are liberals and progressives out there who can't see this, then either they need their head examined or should seriously question whether or not they are really liberal or progressive to begin with.