Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Oh, Just in Case Anyone's Really Thinking Ron Paul Is the Answer ...

Watch THIS!

OK, everybody who thinks Ron Paul's the only politician worth the bother, who thinks he's the answer to your wet dreams of the getting a Progressive (well, what you define as "Progressive") foot into the door of government, tell me ...

Did you hear anything in that ad about legalising pot, or any drug for that matter? No.

Did you hear anything about bringing the troops home and ending the so-called American Empire? Not at all.

What about ending the Fed? Zilch.

Tell you what you did hear, though ...

Budget cuts - he'll cut up to one trillion dollars off the budget in his first year. The Department of Education becomes history - and so, eventually, will free K-12 public education.

Department of Interior? Toast. Ditto, the Department of Energy. How about that, environmentalists? (Of course, you do realise Ron Paul doesn't believe in global warming.)

HUD? Dead in the water. Think of what that will entail. You think you've got slums now? How about real honest-to-Pete Nineteenth Century Dickensian slums?

And the Department of Commerce? I leave you with this thought: It's positively oxymoronic that the Occupy movement looks at this man as their hero.

I am not Ron Paul, and you're crazy if you endorse his message without knowing everything for which he stands.


  1. I have one quibble: it's not correct to say that "the Occupy movement" considers Ron Paul a hero. It's correct to say that a depressingly large minority of Occupy protesters supports Ron Paul. That's because the Ron Paulites have been very, very consistent at attaching themselves, leech-like, to every progressive action of the last two years. There is always at least one asshat yelling "9/11 was an inside job! Vote Ron Paul!" while the actual progressives are being arrested.

    I'm glad you did this, though, because Ron Paul is not a peacemaker. President Paul would be a complete disaster for the progressive movement.

  2. I wouldn't have known about this advert at all, if I didn't read The Guardian. You won't find this in any US daily.