Saturday, June 16, 2012

Real Time Father's Day Weekend

Good line about Bush: "We got hit. I sat in a chair. I peed my pants."

Joseph Stiglitz interview - very good one.

Bill decries useless university degrees also. So do I.

The Republican woman on the panel sounds like she's high on helium.

Brilliant take-down on Justice Anthony Kennedy's take on money and corruption and the mega oil billionaire who's contributing to Romney's campaign and is also his energy advisor.

Good discussion with David Frum about Jeb Bush's defence of the sane wing of the Republican party.

Hologram Barack Obama and some blogger from the Fuckington Joke.

GOPer girl tries to take up for feckless youth. Two Canadians this week.

If more conservatives were like David Frum, I could like them. Karen Finney is quite brilliant.

The problem with racism is Matt Drudge ... hands up for you too, Bill. Selective memory.

Good ... at the very end, Karen Finney brings up Neil Munro Dickface.

Good joke about Boehner and Eric Cantor as men with head injuries.


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  1. I also like David Frum. I might not agree with his politics, but I respect him for his tone and his intelligence. More conservatives like David Frum, please.