Monday, June 18, 2012

The Wise Fool of Harvard Law School

I had an uneducated father, who was the son of immigrants and who came of age during the Depression. His people were poor, and because of that, they needed all hands on deck to work and bring income into the home. So my daddy quit school after the sixth grade and went to work.

However, all his life, he had a great respect for the power of education and educated people. He was determined to see me do better, academically, than he did. He wanted me to get a university education, and when I wanted that as well, I got nothing but encouragement from both of my parents.

When I was leaving for my first semester at Virginia, my dad left me with these words: "Just remember, you can have all the book sense in the world, but if you don't have common sense to go with it, you're no better than a fool. Most of the trouble in the world since the beginning of time came from educated people with no common sense."

Well, now I've found the perfect example of an educated fool: Harvard professor Roberto Unger, who's actively urging Progressives not to vote for the President, saying he must be defeated because he has, allegedly, failed sufficiently to advance the Progressive cause.

(Hmmmmmm ... where have I heard that before? The year 2010 comes to mind.)

Apparently, Professor Unger, even though he's a law professor, can't seem to come to grips with the relationship between the Legislative Branch and the Executive Branch of government. He also seems to be unaware of the nature of the current Congress.

More naivete is shown when he suggests that a defeat for the President would give Progressives a chance to rebuild and come back stronger.

He obviously also isn't aware of the make-up of the current Republican Party, their financial backers and their public relations team.

As far as I'm concerned, this wisest of fools is one dangerous man for anyone on the Left to heed.

No. Common. Sense.


  1. It doesn't matter to Unger who controls Congress or who is in the WH because he'll be fine either way. He shows a callousness toward the millions of Americans who would be hurt under a Romney Administration. I'm tired of the BS of the PL. I didn't listen to them in 2010, and I'm not listening to them in 2012. The one thing many of these bozos could learn from republicans is how to show unwavering support your party's candidate. There's no way you'd ever catch a republican saying something like this. Even today, almost four years since GWB left office, many republicans will not say anything bad about him.

  2. One of the things that all of these "pundits" exhibit is a complete inability to answer a simple question: Rebuild what? They haven't built a party apparatus or a solid political movement (claims to the contrary) which has demonstrated any ability to get its agenda into action. It all assumes there was something there to begin with.