Monday, June 4, 2012

Joy-Ann Reid and Michael Eric Dyson Hand Alex Wagner Her Ass (Again) on Racial Politics

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  1. Why does this woman have her own show?

    Besides, what Alex Wagner is completely clueless about is that opposition against the social safety net has always been fueled by racism in this country. FDR excluded African-Americans from much of the New Deal in order to appease Southern Democrats. And then, thanks to Civil Rights, these same conservatives (who are now Republicans) turn around and want to undo Social Security in the name of "fiscal responsibility."

    Why does Wagner think the GOP portrays welfare as a "black problem" when there are just as many whites receiving benefits? Does she even know this? The GOP have been successful in stoking white animosity towards blacks in order to do away with the social safety net. Among many whites, there is this mentality of "It's okay for me to get benefits, but it's not okay for 'those people.'"

    So given all of this, it would be no surprise that Obama can only say so much on the issue of race. And as President of all people (not just black people) he wise to be careful.

    Kudos to Reid and Dyson!