Sunday, June 17, 2012

Calling All Southern Democrats ... Black, Latino AND White

There's a Southern accent
Where I come from
The young'uns call it country
The Yankees call it dumb
We got our own way of talkin'
But everything gets done
With a Southern accent
Where I come from ...

I was going to post the composer's version of a song which I find captures the ethos of Southern more than anything I have ever heard. That composer is Tom Petty, Democrat from Florida; but I decided to post a cover version by another Southern Democrat, whose lifespan covered the ugly old South, but who moved with the times and his party into the new age:-

This is for all of us Southern Democrats, black, white and Latino - especially to those white Southern Democrats, like most of my kin, who stayed with the party and moved with the times. We're the ones in the South who realise that it doesn't make a damn what colour a person's skin is, but it does make a damn who has and who has not. And that's what we, and the President, want to realise.

That's why we have to re-elect President Obama.

We're out there, and we have to get our voice. Just remember that for every Rick Scott, there's a Tom Petty. For every Saxby Chambliss, there's an Alan Jackson. For every Eric Cantor, there's a Bruce Hornsby. For every Mitch McConnell, there's a George Clooney.

Sing it out, and don't back down ... like the man says in the song ...


1 comment:

  1. We have been available, and we have to get our speech. Remember in which for each and every Ron Scott, you will find there's Mary Small. For every single Saxby Chambliss, likely to Joe Jackson. For each Eric Cantor, there's a Bruce Hornsby. For every single Mitch McConnell, there is a George Clooney.

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