Monday, June 18, 2012

It's ALL Because He's Black, Bob Cesca

Bob Cesca is one of my favourite bloggers/political pundits.

His latest contribution is a brilliant take-down of  Kevin Drum's Mother Jones article entitled "Why Obama Caved on National Security." You can read the entire article here. I'll even give you a moment to allow your boiling blood to cool down.

Basically, after reading a book about the Obama Administration's national security issues, Drum asks rhetorically when did the President become a drone-obsessed killing machine? Keep in mind that we're on the eve of a national election more important than that of 2012, and the Professional Left is still dredging up shit like this which is gobbled up, regurgitated and spat out in pejorative spin by the Right. Really, these people are doing the Republicans' job for them.

Well. Bob Cesca has an absolutely brilliant assessment and analysis of the Professional Left's intransigent attitude to this President.

Why was George W. Bush never called a “killing machine” despite killing hundreds of thousands of people in Iraq? Is there something about the name “drone” itself that causes liberals to cast-aside reason and shit their pants?
This is only one small example of a trend lately that has seen liberal writers acting like this is 2009-2010 and not one of the most important election years in our history.
The “Left” side of the media-sphere is so lazy, decadent, spoiled, and elitist it should come as no surprise that the Obama Campaign rarely, if ever, listens to them. There’s no reason to listen to you when you print this kind of ginned up horseshit. And if they actually care about any of what they pretend to care about, they’re only doing themselves a disservice with this kind of hyperbolic, counter-factual rambling.
This isn’t speaking truth to power or “keeping them honest.” This is simply lazy, incurious navel-gazing ...
 President Obama could serve the professional left Filet Mignon on a silver platter and they would send it back because it was 5-degrees off temperature.

That's pretty much the truth, don't you think? Bob certainly doesn't mince words, but he still doesn't mince words as much as I do, and I'm going to tell you why the Professional Left do this and why they've been doing this since this man assumed office. They're doing it for the same reason their brethren in the Tea Party and other assorted areas of the Right are doing it: Because the President is black.

And that's something to which they're simply not accustomed.


  1. Willingness to not lie is indeed one of the best reasons to like Cesca's blog. :)

  2. "Bob certainly doesn't mince words, but he still doesn't mince words as much as I do, and I'm going to tell you ..."

    Come again?

  3. Is that you, Joan? I know you read my blog, but don't be shy - or cowardly - because, unlike you, I'm not thin-skinned and I won't block you.