Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bill Maher Tells Occupy Movement to Get Out of the Tents and Into the Voting Process

It seems since last year, when any and all celebrities latched onto the Occupy Movement as the cool thing to do, Bill Maher - who sucked onto the Occupy DC and LA movements in order to see and be seen as relevant - has had an epiphany of common sense.

Watch below as he endorses the fact that Occupy should make itself available to be appropriated by the Democratic party in order to give the President something viable with which to work ... in Congress; and that will mean that Occupy gets up off its collective ass, gets its head out of the fairy clouds and gets out to participate in the voting process.

The editorial starts at around the eight-minute mark. This is easily the best and most constructive editorial Maher's done all year. Such a shame he wasn't preaching this message for the past three years.

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