Thursday, June 28, 2012

Oh, and George Bush Is a Secret Progressive

No, I haven't gone mad. This is the latest Gospel according to Glenn Beck, who was in full rant mood after the SCOTUS verdict. Since he gave Willard a stark warning also, one wonders exactly whom he would like to see occupying the Oval Office - obviously not George Bush or a black man or a fellow Mormon who was raised a liberal, once voted Democratic and long ago espoused liberal causes.

Plus, Beck's  now selling teeshirts with a picture of John Roberts and captioned, "Coward."

If you thought the election of a black man as President would send cockroaches screaming from the woodwork, you ain't seen nothing yet. Best call your nearest Roto-Rooter.

Ne'mind ... help is on the way.

(As per usual, the guys on the Right are Republicans - Mo Pence, Larry McConnell and Curly Paul.

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